Do you have a ‘Green Project’ that needs funding?

Are you a business or non-profit trying to save greenhouse gas emissions in Richmond? If so, you may be eligible to receive up to $25 per ton of carbon dioxide equivalent saved through our new community-based carbon offsets program, the Richmond Carbon Market. Richmond has decided that by enabling these community carbon credits we’ll be able to further our goal of becoming one of Canada’s greenest cities.

If your organization or business is considering projects that will reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, such as; energy efficiency building retrofits, fuel switching (for buildings and vehicles), renewable energy installations, organics composting and/or land conservation/restoration, you may be doing more than planning a great move for our environment – you also may be opening up a new revenue stream for your organization. Through the Richmond Carbon Market (a program that aims to support Richmond-based projects and organizations) projects conducted in the City of Richmond that reduce GHG emissions may be eligible to access funding from the selling of community carbon credits.

Why is the City supporting community carbon projects?

The City of Richmond has committed to becoming and remaining carbon neutral in its corporate operations. The City strives to accomplish this commitment primarily through reductions and improved efficiency in its building, infrastructure, and fleet energy use. Since at present some corporate GHG emissions cannot be avoided, the City of Richmond has a need to further reduce its GHG emissions footprint. The City is in the unique position, along with other BC Municipalities, where investments in community carbon credits can be used to reduce the City’s corporate GHG emissions footprint. For projects that qualify for funding, quantified and verified credits can be transferred to the City through Carbon Market program, with the City in return providing your organization with grant like funding for the credits.

Transferring associated project credits to the City of Richmond through the Carbon Market not only provides a chance for your organization to generate additional funds, but also can provide a platform for your organization to showcase your GHG reduction initiative.

Does your project qualify?

To see if your project potentially qualifies please visit and fill out the Carbon Market’s online project qualification and self-assessment tool. If you are uncertain or need more information please email or call 604-276-4000.