If you currently drive a Plug-In Electric Vehicle, you can charge your vehicle for free at one of 25 ChargePoint station locations throughout the city. To get started charging your electric vehicle simply register online to receive your ChargePoint Card or bring an NFC-enabled credit card. Each station contains a ChargePoint system, which requires you to simply scan your credit card* or ChargePoint card to activate the station. These stations are free to use 24/7 and work with most electric vehicle brands, including Nissan, Tesla BMW, and Chevrolet.**

New city planning initiatives require most new developments to have infrastructure in place for electric vehicles, meaning more charging stations will be arriving soon all over the City!

There has never been a better time to be an electric car driver.

To locate a charging station download the ChargePoint App or see the map below.


*Credit cards must be NFC enabled. **Please see your owner’s manual. Adaptor may be required..