The City of Richmond is excited to offer builders with active building permits in Richmond the opportunity to receive up to three FREE Pre-drywall Blower Door Tests to increase energy efficiency in preparation for the implementation of the BC Energy Step Code.

Program Details

The pre-drywall blower door tests will include an assessment of uncontrolled airflow through the building at the time of the test, allowing the builder to compare their results against Energy Step Code requirements for building airtightness once construction is complete. In addition to the test itself, the Energy Advisor administering the test will conduct a walk-through of the building with contractors and/or construction staff to identify breaches in the integrity of the air barrier, and provide on-site training on proper air barrier installation/repair techniques. The service is intended to provide direct feedback and education to builders in the field on how best to install air barriers effectively, and what can be done to mitigate discovered leaks in the air barrier during construction.

How to Qualify

Applicants, owners and/or lead contractors listed on active Building Permits in Richmond not subject to Energy Step Code requirements can apply for free pre-drywall blower-door tests of detached houses, duplex and townhouse units under construction.

While only one coupon for a pre-drywall blower door test can be held at a time, an individual or company can receive up to three pre-drywall blower door tests in total, subject to availability.

Register for a Pre-drywall Blower Door Test here!