Thank you for your interest, however the Pre-Rinse Spray Valve Program is no longer available as the program’s participation goals have been reached. The City of Richmond would like to thank all the Richmond Food Service Establishments who have already enrolled in the Program and for the publics ongoing support towards sustainable programs.


The City of Richmond, in partnership with FortisBC and City Green Solutions, is offering free high-efficiency replacements for pre-rinse spray valves, faucet aerators, and a complementary assessment to identify savings for Richmond food establishments.

Did you know that high-efficiency Spray Valves can reduce your average water consumption by over 500,000 liters per year? Save your restaurant $200 to $600 per year in water and energy costs? AND realize one to four tonnes of GHG emissions reductions per business per year?

How to qualify for this offer:

  • Your business must be located in the City of Richmond.
  • You must have an existing pre-rinse spray valve that can be replaced.
  • The existing spray valve must have a higher flow rate than 1.15 gallons per minute (GPM), and the pipes and hoses must be well maintained and not pose a risk of failure during the upgrade to the new spray valve. If the installation cannot be done safely and reliably, it will not be completed.
  • An owner or manager from your business must be available to meet with the installer/assessor during a pre-appointed time slot for the installation and Water, Energy, and Waste Reduction Opportunities Assessment.

Benefits for your business:

  • A high-efficiency pre-rinse spray valve will clean dishes faster while using up to 80% less water.
  • The combined installation of pre-rinse spray valves and faucet aerators can save your business hundreds to thousands of dollars in energy and water costs each year (depending on your business’s typical hot water use).
  • The free Water, Energy, and Waste Reduction Opportunities Assessment will identify other savings opportunities and highlight valuable incentive and rebate programs available to your business.
  • By using less water and energy in your business operations, you are reducing your greenhouse gas emissions and joining the growing number of businesses participating in Richmond EnergySave programs.

Thank you for your interest in reducing the water, energy, and greenhouse gas footprint of your business!

If you require assistance email