Investing in Richmond organizations to help them reduce greenhouse gas emissions and energy costs, and to help stimulate local investment in a low carbon economy.

Through this program (and as part of the City’s Notice of Opportunity process - reference document here), the City of Richmond (City) is inviting prospective organizations to submit project plans to the City for projects in Richmond that result in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reductions (50 tonnes per year minimum), as compared to baseline emissions, and are beyond business as usual practices.  Proponents and projects that undergo a project assessment and meet City and Provincial requirements may be able to access support funding for the associated GHG emission reduction credits.


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Objectives of the Program

      • Invest in Richmond-based organizations or Richmond-based energy reduction projects to help increase energy efficiency, reduce GHG emissions, and reduce energy operating costs.
      • Purchase qualified carbon credits that can be applied to offset corporate GHG emissions from City operations, reducing the City’s carbon footprint.
      • Support community-based initiatives, that environmentally, economically and socially benefit the City, and promote the ongoing development of the local low-carbon economy

Not sure if a project would qualify to undergo an assessment as part of this Richmond Carbon Market program?

        • If a project will be or has been conducted in the City of Richmond and is estimated to reduce GHG emissions by at least 50 tonnes annually, then your project may generate enough revenues to finance the required assessment and provide a return on your investment.
        • Please complete the online pre-assessment form to take part in this program and potentially partner with the City of Richmond to reduce community GHG emissions.

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