Terms and Conditions: Pre-drywall Blower Door Tests

The City of Richmond will pay the full cost for pre-drywall blower door tests performed by the pre-approved service providers listed on this webpage.

The pre-drywall blower door test can be provided on the following building types:

  • Detached house (with or within secondary unit)
  • Duplex OR duplex unit
  • Row house unit

The timing of these tests are to be arranged between the qualifying builders and the service providers.
Builders who receive a pre-drywall blower door test and additional services as defined above will not be levied any additional fees for these services.

Conditions for eligibility:

  • A valid Building Permit issued by the City for new construction of detached houses, duplex or townhouse units in Richmond
  • This Building Permit must not be subject to Energy Step Code requirements
    •  NOTE: Excepting new developments subject to Development Permit conditions, most Building Permit applications submitted after September 1, 2018 are subject to Energy Step Code requirements.
  • At least one building under construction covered by this Building Permit must have an approved Survey result from the Building Department, and have not yet received permission to drywall.
  • An application for the free pre-drywall blower door test can be submitted by either the applicant, owner or lead contractor listed on Building Permit.

The City shall use the following method to implement this program:

  • Apply below to qualify for the City of Richmond’s Pre-dyrwall Blower Door Test program.
  • Once your pre-qualification is confirmed, you will be provided with a coupon number. This coupon number can be redeemed with a qualified Service Provider for one blower door test.
  • You are responsible for contacting a qualified Service Provider to provide the blower door test.
  • Upon reaching an agreement with a qualified Service Provider, you will provide the coupon number to the Service Provider.
  • The Service Provider will confirm the validity of the coupon number with City staff. This coupon number can no longer be used by another service provider or on another building.
  • Once the pre-drywall blower door test has been delivered by the Service Provider, the Service provider will provide both you and the City with a short report. Upon receipt of a report acceptable to the City, the builder can request an additional coupon from the City for a Blower door test. No company can receive more than three coupons, and no single development can receive more than three pre-drywall blower door tests.
  • If the pre-drywall blower door test does not occur, or the Service Provider does not fulfill the requirements of the test as defined above, the builder is responsible to communicate this to the Service Provider, and arrange a re-test. If the situation is not resolved by this step, the builder is responsible to contact the City with their concerns as soon as possible.
  • The City reserves the right to cancel coupons that have already been issued.

Apply here to qualify for the City of Richmond’s Pre-drywall Blower Door Tests.


Pre-Qualified Energy Advisors

Farshid Bagheri, P.Eng., Ph.D., CEA, CBCP

Director, Energy and Commissioning Services
BC Building Science
Cell: 604.317.0114
Office: 604-520-6456 ext.133
Fax: 604-520-6496
611 Bent Court, New Westminister
BC Canada V3M 1V3

Scott Silverthorn

Energy Advisor
Capture Energy
Office: 604-787-1952
8070 Hudson Street
Vancouver BC
V6P 4M1

Luke Dolan

Energy Advisor, CHI
Capital Home Energy Inc.
Office: 604-562-0387
Cell: 778-997-0386

Barbara Meihuizen

Energy Advisor, Passive House Consultant
Domus Home Energy Inc.
Business: 604-243-8616
101 – 1556 East 5th Ave, Vancouver, BC V5N 1L7